Mayor Bowman visits the Merch

IMG_2706 Joined by Councillor Ross Eadie (Mynarski), Jim Silver (UofM), and Rob Neufeld (Executive Director, NECRC), Mayor Brian Bowman toured the offices of NECRC and visited the Merchant’s Corner site to learn more about how this project will enhance housing and education  on Selkirk Avenue. Many residents were excited to see our mayor walking the North End.

I heart

While on Selkirk Avenue, Mayor Bowman took a moment to sign our “I Heart North End” wall on the North side of Selkirk Avenue at Andrews Street.

His chalked message, “Be Proud Winnipeg,” resonates with all of the proud Northenders of the neighbourhood who stopped to shake his hand.


IMG_2680While visiting with NECRC staff, Alana Ring-Woodard & Gord McIntyre from our housing department,  Mayor Bowman said that one of the first items he worked on in council was the partnership with the United Way of Winnipeg, and supporting the Anti-Homelessness Strategy.  On December 10th, City Council voted to include in its 2015/16 budget an annual grant of $150,000 for five years commencing in 2015 to be “utilized by the Poverty Reduction Council to develop the Long Term Strategy to End Homelessness” and that the City of Winnipeg be an “active partner with the new organization in facilitating opportunities to create housing for people who are homeless.”

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